Shutter Speed / Freeze or Flow.

This workshop is led by Trevor Waldron

Shutter speed is an extremely creative camera control. When a subject is moving – whether it’s fast or slow – different shutter speeds can absolutely transform an image.

Short shutter speeds ‘freeze’ time, and movement, so that the subject is seen pin-sharp and crystal clear. Long shutter speeds allow a subject or its background to blur or ‘flow’, conveying an often spectacular sense of movement.

This is an action-filled workshop. We begin at the Creatif Image studio for a demonstration and discussion of examples of speed at work, with plenty of examples and explanation of the straightforward techniques used. Then we’ll head outside to take some shots in the dynamics of the real world. From cars to clouds, bikes to birds (if we’re lucky…), we can practice what it takes to use the creativity of our camera’s shutter speed settings.


  • How to set shutter speeds directly and indirectly to capture or freeze movement.
  • Using camera movement for ‘panning’ high-speed motion, to streak-out the background.
  • Finding the right shutter settings to give that sense of flowing water; or to freeze the drops in mid-air.
  • Hands on outdoor shooting using the techniques discussed.

More Information about this workshop

More Information about this workshop 

  • The workshop fee is €80 which includes workshop notes and refreshments.
  • Date of the workshop Sunday 4th February 2018 12.30pm – 4.30pm.
  • For more information or to sign up for the workshop, simply fill in the contact form.


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