Led by Trevor Waldron

Discover how to capture the absolute best of a subject or scene with a compelling composition. This one-day workshop demonstrates and explores the simple but powerful principles of image composition.

The session answers questions such as:

  • What key subject can I select and how should I place it?
  • What could I effectively include in the photo and what’s best to exclude?
  • Can I get a more creative angle on a shot?
  • How can I position the main image elements for maximum effect?

Key principles are fully explained and illustrated by selected or purpose-shot photos to show the result of applying each technique. The day includes presentation and discussion of time-honoured principles of strong composition, with examples from milestone photographers.

There will be practical sessions, inside or out depending on time and weather. Participants are also invited to bring some of their own photos for constructive critique and feedback.

The workshop is entirely about the visual side of photography – no particular knowledge of camera technique is required, so the session is suitable for virtually any type of camera and most levels of photographer.


  • Overall design and layout of an image.
  • Making sure the main subject ‘speaks’ out.
  • Essential graphic elements of capturing a clear and striking photo.
  • Conveying depth and 3-dimensionality.The importance of texture.
  • Some surprising benefits of ’empty’ space and simplicity.
  • Using lead-in lines to structure an image.
  • Capturing mood and impact with colour and contrast.
  • Achieving an overall balance of various picture elements.

Pricing & Contact Form

More information about this workshop.

  • The workshop fee is €125 which includes workshop notes, lunch and refreshments.
  • Date of the workshop will be published.  This is a full day workshop.
  • For more information or to sign up for the workshop, simply fill in the contact form.



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