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OK!  Let’s be honest.  You are here because you have a great camera and wondering what all those buttons, dials and menu and sub menus mean.  Or perhaps you wish to discover the wonderful world of Photography!  Maybe both.

Sure, you can shoot on auto with little idea of what’s going on and hope for the best.  With digital photography – shoot hundreds of shots, and with luck on you side, you might a great photo.  If you are happy, I am happy for you too.

However, photography is not a lottery.  It is about art and being creative.  Essentially, being a visual artist using images instead of words to express a feeling, an emotion, an idea, a vision and life.  The camera is simply a communicative tool for the visual artist, a.k.a. the photographer, for self expression or even as a hobby.

The Basic Photography Workshop covers all the fundamentals of understanding and using THE tool – your camera.


With a choice of weekday evening and intensive weekend workshop, this comprehensive course covers the basic operations and features on your camera (film and digital). The necessary skills to understand with your camera, making work with you.  Not against you.

You will discover and understand Photography.

When you commit yourself to this 16-18 hours of workshop, I commit myself that I will share my passion of photography with you, have fun and most importantly – be on your path to being a photographer.

Together, we will explore Photography and the Camera.

Upcoming weekday evening workshops

Upcoming weekend intensive workshops

Pricing & Contact Form


  • The workshop fee is €220 for weekday evening which includes refreshments and 6 weeks of fun learning experience!
  • The workshop fee is €230 for 2 days weekend which includes refreshments, sandwich lunches and 2 days of fun learning experience!
  • Optional – 60 pages of printed workshop notes are available at cost (€5).
  • Kindly ensure that you can attend and be present for all workshop dates.
  • Possibility of renting a DSLR camera at only €35 for the entire duration of the workshop.
  • See below schedule for the latest schedule.
  • For more information, simply fill in the contact form.


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