Adobe Lightroom Workshop. Series 1.

Are you stuck or lost in Lightroom?  Would you like to learn some of the hidden tricks in lightroom to better manage and edit your images?

This is the first of a series ‘Lightroom Lightning Workshops’ and it aims to point you in the right direction with some heavy duty tips to give your image editing and management a boost.  Giving you the skills needed in small bite sizes!

Each workshop will focus on  different set of tips – always fresh, always new and always interesting!

For this workshop, we will explore the following tips :

  1. User interface & shortcuts.
  2. Create a personal file naming system and customised view.
  3. Understanding RAW formats.
  4. Understanding colour space and its role in editing.
  5. Create a standard editing preset to make your images look amazing.
  6. Creating more presets to save time.
  7. More quick editing tips.
  8. Exporting for print or digital format.

Hands on practical work on your laptop.


More Information about this workshop


  • €50 which includes the informative workshop, fun + a glass of wine to chill out 😉
  • A set of brief workshop notes.
  • Participants are expected to come with their laptops and the latest Lightroom installed (detailed information will be sent in advance).
  • Date Thursday 8th February 2018 from 6.45pm – 10pm.


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