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Brussels photography Workshops

English Speaking Photography Workshops in Brussels

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CREATIF IMAGE.  Photography Workshops, classes and seminars in Brussels.  Sharing the passion of photography since 2003.

Creatif Image believes that photography is more than just using your camera on auto mode and depressing the shutter button.  Photography and images are ways of creative self expression. My goal is that your photography journey with me should be an enlightening, fun and a positive experience.  

The popularity and success of the workshops is due to its philosophy that Photography is a living art form, not something static that is taught from a textbook. The workshops are highly interactive based on group discussion  rather than traditional classroom type of teaching.  Discover photography in plain simple English without getting too technical.

The person behind Creatif Image is Michael Chia, a Brussels based working photographer and artist.  The photography workshops began back when they were film based using darkroom techniques to the present day digital photography. Nowadays, the workshops are designed for the digital photographers who wish to understand or improve their photography skills. 
All workshops are conducted in English with an international, fun and relaxed atmosphere at the studio of Creatif Image.  Not only will you discover more about photography, you will also meet new friends who share the same passion.  Read the feedback from previous participants.
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